We Set Up Businesses to Accept Payments

We Set Up Businesses To Accept Payments And Guarantee To Lower The Credit Card Processing Fees For Businesses Already Accepting Payments




Comprehensive Risk, Payment Strategy and Management

You run your business. We manage your merchant accounts. It’s that simple. All of our plans include:

Rates and Reserves

We set up your merchant account with the best industry terms and rates. *if you are already working with an agent, we will coordinate with your agent to make sure they get the paperwork they need to achieve optimal terms and fees.


Business Summary Creation

We draft the business summary for our banks. Did you know that banks heavily rely on this single piece of information to approve or decline your merchant account and decide what terms you get.

We Complete Your Apps

We complete the merchant account paperwork on your behalf so you can accept payments online.


Bank Ready Packages

You merchant account manager will collect, organize, and manage all of your merchant account paperwork into a perfect package that is bank ready.

Monthly Statement Review

We download and review your monthly merchant summaries to identify any issues including higher than normal refunds / chargebacks, price increases, abnormalities in your statements.


Bank Underwriting Liaison

Structure responses to all inquiries made by underwriters at each bank ongoing. We know the answers the banks want to see.


We Always Get You Approved

Create a strong business summary and personal CV to ensure you not only get approved for a merchant account but get the best terms possible.

Better Conversions

Work with your in-house team to improve overall processes that may improve conversions when accepting credit card payments.

Website & Bank Compliance

Review website compliance and employ processes that will satisfy future merchant banking requirements.

Merchant Advocacy

We act as your merchant advocate should issues arise including drafting chargeback reduction plans, getting more favorable pricing and terms, rolling reserve reduction and volume cap increases.

Gateway Provided

We provide a compatible gateway for your website making it easy to accept payments.

Customer Experience Scripting

We can provide best practice call center scripting to keep your refunds and chargebacks in line with the card association rules.

FTC and FDA Best Practices

Recommend best marketing practices to avoid future FTC issues.

Scalable Payments Solution

Review your growth plan to ensure you have a scalable payment solution.

Fraud and Chargebacks

Implement chargeback and risk tools for long term protection of your merchant account.

There Is More…Lots More. Say What?!!


You get Priority Access to New Merchant Account Solutions! Boom!


Unlimited Access to Your Expert. Ask questions via text, phone, and email! (You are a VIP!)


More Time To Focus On Your Business. Can you put a price on your time? Nah. We didn’t think so.

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You have a ton of questions that are not going to answer themselves…

“Why Is CBD Considered High Risk By Banks?”, “Are my Credit Card Processing Fees too High?”, “I got a chargeback, now what?”, “I just don’t want to deal with any of this merchant stuff. Can you Help?”

YES, YES, and YES!

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